Unicorn or Wizard or both?
Hello there dear traveler. My name is David and I am a hybrid creative specializing in the art and science of all things visual and interactive communications. Unicorn and wizard are ways others have described me but in more earthly terms I utilize modalities such as graphic design, web design, dynamic front-end web development, and ethical research-driven marketing to achieve effective and meaningful communication. But that's not all of who I am (like you, I'm also more than the sum of my professional parts). In essence, I am a sojourner of life in the so-called Holocene, and a creative one at that.
While coming of age across two millenniums I have often gained life-enhancing knowledge (wisdom lived) from my varied experiences. Trends come and go, technology rises and fades, but the knowledge gained from each endeavor is ever increased. As I learn from each experience I continually aim to get better at what I do whether it be working, designing, coding, playing, or living life.
My journey as a creative professional actually began as an artist, studying and practicing fine art and graphic design which eventually led me to web design, motion design, interaction design and even teaching design. I've also been a musical creative in various forms throughout my life. It’s safe to say that design and art in its many forms have been a big part of my life for some time now and I trust that my body of work in all of these areas demonstrates this truth.
As a professional creative I have served in many roles and places such as a newspaper (Illustrator), nationally known advertising agencies (Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Artist, Web Designer/Developer), fledgling to thriving startups (Designer, Marketer, SEO & Social Media Director, VP), City/County Government (Graphic Artist, Web Specialist & Manager), Instructor (across four campuses and three community colleges) and as a Business Owner (7SKY, LLC and Beloved Mountain).
In practice, I try my best to put people first in my design and collaboration efforts because I believe it yields the most powerful and worth-while results. And while it’s true that I’ve worked with notable brands like Otterbox, GE (Aviation), Ameritas, Universal Pictures (Lorax, Minons), Sony (Inpop Records), and also collegiate brands such as CSU and CU I am most fulfilled when my work impacts peoples lives within non-profits, small businesses, civic or social institutions and of course the arts.
More can be read and seen regarding my life's journey as a creative at https://about.davidajane.com/
The following is a spontaneous list of things that matter to me in no particular order.
Planet Earth
⊛ Family & Friends
⊛ Quality over Quantity
⊛ Magenta & Aquamarine
⊛ Meaning in Work
⊛ Exploratory Play
⊛ Life Hacking
⊛ Laughing
⊛ Nature (Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, MTBing, Yurting)
⊛ User Connection & Rapport
⊛ Aaron Draplin & David Carson
⊛ Paul Rand & Saul Bass
⊛ OnBeing
⊛ Ologies
⊛ The Hidden Brain
⊛ Jeffery Zeldman & Brad Frost
⊛ Jen Simmons & Rachel Andrew
⊛ Chris Coyer & Eric Meyers
⊛ Public Libraries
⊛ Science (and especially Neuroscience)
⊛ Making & Seeing Art
⊛ Pursuing Happiness
⊛ Empathy
⊛ Human Behavior

Self Illustration circa 2016

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