I am a sojourner of life in the so-called holoscene, and a creative one at that. Having come of age across two millenniums and some several centuries I have gained valuable earned experience. Trends come and go, technology rises and fades, but the knowledge gained from each endeavor is ever increased. As I learn from each experience I continually aim to get better at what I do whether it be working, designing, coding, playing or living life.
The following is a spontaneous list of things that matter to me in no particular order.
Planet Earth
⊛ Family & Friends
⊛ Quality over Quantity
⊛ Magenta & Aquamarine
⊛ Meaning in Work
⊛ Exploratory Play
⊛ Life Hacking
⊛ Laughing
⊛ Nature (Hiking, Backpacking, Kayaking, MTBing, Yurting)
⊛ User Connection & Rapport
⊛ Aaron Draplin & David Carson
⊛ Paul Rand & Saul Bass
⊛ Jeffery Zeldman & Brad Frost
⊛ Jen Simmons & Rachel Andrew
⊛ Chris Coyer & Eric Meyers
⊛ Public Libraries
⊛ Making & Seeing Art
⊛ Pursuing Happiness
⊛ Empathy & Human Behavior
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